Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Power of Adrian Beltre

Impressive performance by Adrian Beltre yesterday, single-handedly hitting the Rangers back to the ALCS with 3 home runs against the Rays in Game 4. His display of power even overwhelmed a TBS camera man, who got snipered trying to keep up.
Beltre's power comes largely from his explosive hip rotation. He also keeps his weight back as well as anyone in the game, bracing the front leg and sometimes taking the back knee bend to incredible extremes in order to get behind the low offspeed pitch - his signature "marriage proposal home run."

Beltre's swing reminds me of another guy that once hit 3 bombs in a postseason game - my first memory as a Yankee fan. He is a great hitter and a stellar third baseman. Just don't touch his head.

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