Lessons and Clinics

I offer individual and group training at Trifecta Athletics in Charlotte throughout the year. A large majority of my lessons are focused on hitting - baseball or softball. I also provide training for pitching, fielding and catching. Teaching young players the right techniques now will promote proper form for years to come.

Hitting lessons are tailored to each individual, depending on his or her specific needs. Particular focus is applied to the correct use of the legs and hips and the proper positioning and path of the hands from start to finish. We do a lot of tee work and short toss, with drills sprinkled in where needed. I use video analysis during most lessons so players can take part in breaking down their own mechanics and making adjustments. My goal is to (1) have each player understand his or her own swing and know the components of a correct swing, and then (2) get the correct mechanics into the player's muscle memory. My hitting lessons are pretty detailed and mechanical. I'm a nuts and bolts kind of a guy. I believe hitting is a science (physics) - it's about force, timing, angles, etc. I want to teach my players to do it all correctly. If a player truly wants to get better and get into the mechanics of the swing, it doesn't really matter what age he or she is. 

Pitching lessons for baseball focus primarily on mechanics, including balance, hand separation, arm path, release point and finish. For more experienced pitchers, specific lessons have been designed as follows:

Various Pitching Lessons
Mechanics and Balance
Drills and Conditioning
Pitches and Grips 

Confidence and Mental Toughness
Mental Rules of Pitching
Situations and Strategy
Pitching from the Stretch

Lesson Details
Each lesson lasts 45 minutes and will take place at Trifecta Athletics (4927 Silabert Ave). Players will receive high definition video analysis of their mechanics, both on the spot and online. Lesson packages expire after one year. Group lessons require all participants to attend each session at the same time. Pricing is below.

Individual Pricing:
$60 per lesson.
$220 for 4 lessons.
$410 for 8 lessons.
$600 for 12 lessons.

Groups of 2:
$45 per player per lesson.
$160 per player for 4 lessons.
$300 per player for 8 lessons.

Groups of 3:
$40 per player per lesson.
$140 per person for 4 lessons.
$260 per player for 8 lessons.

Clinics (4+):
$35 per player per clinic.
$30 per player per clinic for 3 or more clinics.

Contact Info
If you would like additional information or are interested in scheduling a lesson, please contact me at brandon.merchant@yahoo.com.

Thank you.

Brandon Merchant