Saturday, October 8, 2011

Moneyball Stats on FOX

FOX Sports, with help from Bloomberg Sports, has announced a new statistical feature for its broadcast of the ALCS and World Series - Moneyball stats.

Viewers will begin to see what FOX is calling a "pre-play" of each pitch before it happens, at least in terms of allowing the audience to make a prediction based on up to the minute statistics. If C.J. Wilson has Magglio Ordonez down 0-1 in the count, FOX will be able to tell the viewer what Ordonez's odds are of getting on base. (Or you can listen to the expert analysis of guest announcer, Terry Francona, who just accurately predicted a ground ball double-play, based on Ordonez's recent downward swing mechanics.)

The more sabermetrically inclined managers look at this stuff all the time. They plan their matchups around seemingly endless amounts of statistical information. Once FOX unveils its new stat features, fans at home will have access to a small portion of this info, and will have a better idea of just how good a chance their team has of coming up with that big hit they need.

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