Saturday, July 28, 2012

What I Have Learned This Year

Spring, summer and fall... coaching youth baseball can be a year round business. The past year in particular has been a learning experience is several ways. Here's what I know now:

1. Having your son on the team is tough. No matter how well you handle it at the ballpark, the emotional aspect is stressful.

2. There are a lot of head cases in youth baseball - kids and adults.

3. You can't over-value smart, confident players. Give me the experienced, confident kid that can be molded into a reliable ballplayer.

4. Having someone else coach your son can be a great experience for all involved.

5. The list of people you can really trust and rely on is very small. Appreciate them.

6. This game takes its toll physically. It is not for 39-year-olds.

7. Your catcher's blocking skills can make or break your season.

8. It's hard to do much with a choppy swing.

9. You may think you know your defensive lineup at the beginning of the season. But you don't.

10. Taking a season off can be the best move you make.