Thursday, September 20, 2012

What To Teach Your 4-Year-Old Future Star

As a youth coach and instructor, I have the task of teaching players how to fix their mechanical flaws. Many of them consistently throw, catch or swing in a fundamentally incorrect manner. Every young player has a bad habit or ten, and bad habits are hard to break, especially as they age.

I often wish that more kids were taught a few basic things when they were around the age of three or four. If they learn it then, it's like riding a bike - they'll never forget it. Their muscle memory will be correctly programmed for life.

So for all the proactive dads of preschool prospects out there, here are some basic things you may want to teach your kid about baseball. Your wife will give you grief, but don't feel guilty. If he winds up playing baseball and loves the game, he'll eventually thank you for helping him succeed and have fun. He may not even play beyond Little League, but those Little League days will be less of a struggle.

1. Throwing:  Many young kids do not just naturally pick up a ball and throw it correctly. If you want to lay the groundwork for an accurate, safe and powerful throwing motion down the road, show him how to properly separate the hands and take the ball back. Demonstrate how to close the front shoulder and hip to his target and separate his hands with the fingers on top of (not behind) the ball and thumbs pointed down. Both hands will go up and away from the body with the palms away. I tell kids to show the front palm (the glove) to the target and the back palm (the ball) to whatever is behind them, nearly opposite the target. Show it and throw it. Otherwise the throw may be more of a push, with less velocity and more stress on the arm. Pulling the front arm back into the body (tucking the glove) at the point of release will help too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Selected Reading Material 9-18-12

How To Brag About Your Kids by Clay Nichols, Dad Labs  -  I thought I was better than this. But I'm guilty of most of these bragging techniques. Pretty shameful, and funny.

Throw Like a Girl? You Can Do Better by Tamar Haspel, Washington Post  -  Analysis of the mechanical differences in the average throwing motions of boys and girls. Unfortunately the graphic at the top depicts a boy that clearly never made it past tee ball. More on that later...

MLB Diamond Demo: Pitching Flaws by Rick Peterson, Baltimore Orioles Pitching Director  -  Nothing to actually read here, but a great video demonstration on some of the absolute most important aspects of proper pitching mechanics. Must see tv for coaches and parents of pitchers.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Selected Reading Material 9-7-12

Is Your Child's Youth Coach a Good Teacher? by Jeffrey Rhoads, Inside Youth Sports  -  Former players don't necessarily make good coaches. You're either a good teacher or you're not.

Why Focusing Skills Are Critical for Young Athletes by Dr. Patrick Cohn  -  Think small. Focus on the details of how to execute the play. Thinking about results or what others think is a major performance distraction.

Alas, Even Little League is Mired in Politics by Bruce Maiman, The Sacramento Bee  -  Duh... As usual, it's the parents that are the problem.