Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Resist the Urge to Be Elite

Heed this man's advice. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. And I would say it usually isn't.

Here is a good article at Sports Dad Hub by Kevin about his son's experience on a "bad team" (a bad fit for him). Sometimes you have no control over what team you get or who the coach is. Sometimes it's just a not-so-great experience that you must endure. You make the most of it and look forward to better seasons. But sometimes you are faced with a choice, like in this article. Sometimes your kid is coveted by an "elite" team. You are honored, and tempted to leave behind the comfort and fun.

Bad choice. Not worth it. These teams are often "a dime a dozen." They can be a haven for daddyball. Go down that road at a young age and you could be jumping from team to team every six months. Eventually your kid may be so burned out, he quits altogether.

Resist the urge. Baseball is not a job when you're a little kid. Let them have fun. Make some good memories. Teach them the fundamentals. Keep them wanting more. There will be time to be elite later.

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