Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MLB Opening Night

The 2012 Major League Baseball season begins tonight with Cardinals at Marlins on ESPN. For a little primer, check out David Schoenfield's 100 Reasons to Get Excited for MLB. And there is much to look forward to. The game is in a good place these days.

I encourage young players to watch games on TV. Learn the game. Watch how big leaguers carry themselves on the field. Pay attention to the details of the game - the swing mechanics, the fielding techniques, the pitching strategies, the baserunning and defensive situations. Study how the best players swing the bat or pitch the ball. And remember that if you have a DVR, you can pause live TV to get a better look at their mechanics - that's a great way to learn. I like to go frame by frame and break down guys like Justin Upton, Cliff Lee, Robinson Cano and others to see what makes them so good.

This should be a great season. Go Yanks and Bravos, but my prediction is Tigers over D-Backs in 6.

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