Friday, November 16, 2012

Selected Reading Material 11-16-12

Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be Like Pedro Cerrano by Kevin at SportsDadHub  -  Superstitions can be fun and boost confidence, but they can also distract young players from what really leads to success. Yo bartender, Jobu needs a refill.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Kids Make While Playing Catch... by Chad Rodgers at Show-Me Strength  -  Just to beat the horse some more - kids would improve their mechanics more quickly if they would always throw with a purpose. I especially like #1 and #2 here.

Off Season Best Time For Youth Baseball Coaches to Cement Philosophy by Dan Clemens  -  Plan ahead and hold yourself to making the right decisions when you get into the heat of the moment. This is why we have rules - you can't trust coaches to always do the right thing when competitive fires starts burning.

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