Thursday, October 27, 2016

Offseason Lesson and Clinic Schedule

My schedule for the rest of 2016 is below. This is typically a time for players coming off the fall season to rest their arms. So there will be minimal throwing for most players. But we can certainly hit and work on throwing mechanics with light throwing if needed. Email me at if interested.

For players who are motivated to get better, the offseason can be a great time to correct flaws because there are no games, where players often revert to old mechanics while trying to "perform" under stress. Others may need a mental break from baseball, which I totally support. Either way, I hope many of them will play another sport this winter. Basketball especially is great for their athleticism. And it's fun. 

I will be offering some clinics over the next few months that will focus primarily on hitting and off-season strength conditioning. The conditioning will be important for these guys as they get older, as it can improve performance and provide an important support system for their arms. So I want to promote that to our youth players. The Halloween Clinic will include an introduction to that, and it will be an important part of my Holiday Season Clinic as well.